Free Speech Flag

Die RGB Werte der Farben entsprechen dem Verschlüsselungscode des AACS-Kopierschutzes:

Free Speech Flag

Badmouth schreibt:

Our government has become increasingly willing to sacrifice the rights of its citizens at the altar of corporate greed. As ridiculous as it sounds, even numbers have become “intellectual property” that corporations can claim ownership of. We here at Badmouth think that idea stinks. We want to start a movement, a movement to reclaim personal liberties and decorporatize the laws of our nation.

To that end we have made a flag, a symbol to show support for personal freedoms. Spread it as far and wide as you can. We give this flag away freely, and also give away the rights for people to make similar, derivative works. The colors of the flag are (in hex code format):

#09F911 #029D74 #E35BD8 #4156C5 #635688

The letters “C0″ are added to signify that simply publishing a number is “Crime Zero.”

Spread the word.

Vergleiche dazu auch die AACS Verschlüsselungscodekontroverse in Wikipedia (Englisch), hier und beispielhafte Positionen bei Johnny Haeussler und Thomas Knüwer (Pro-Digg-Management) und bei Don Dahlmann (Pro-Crowdsourcing).

Schreibt es auf eure Fahnen und lasst sie wehen!

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