Loïc Le Meur geht nach Silicon Valley

Loïc, unternehmerischer Serientäter und digitaler Tausendsassa aus Frankreich, zieht mit Kind und Kegel, mit Sack und Pack zum Nabel der innovativen Internetwelt um, berichtet sein Kumpel Michael Arrington:

I am currently in the process to create a fifth startup, based in the US and currently finalizing the initial funding. Can’t say much at this stage but it will be in the video content space, so hot and competitive these days because most remains to be done. I have uploaded to date about 450 podcasts, so I feel something very different than what we see today is ahead of us. What I can say is that I will crowdsource the company itself, grow it as I learnt in always beta mode and grow it with the feedback of my community. I have already gathered my advisory board, a group on facebook open to everyone.

Bonne chance, Loïc!

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