PostSecret: Breath me

Trailer video for with music from Sia, Breath me. [via]

How do I mail in my secrets to

You are invited to anonymously contribute your secrets to PostSecret. Each secret can be a hope, regret, funny experience, unseen kindness, fantasy, belief, fear, betrayal, erotic desire, confession, or childhood humiliation. Reveal anything – as long as it is true and you have never shared it with anyone before.

Create your 4-by-6-inch postcards out of any mailable material. If you want to share two or more secrets, use multiple postcards. Put your complete secret and image on one side of the postcard.

The PostSecret website is the largest advertisement-free Blog on the web.

2 Kommentare zu „PostSecret: Breath me

  1. Das Lied ist gehört zu meinen persönlichen Top Ten. Als ich es letztes Jahr in der Schlußfolge von „SIx Feet Under“ gehört habe, musste sofort das ganze Album her :-)

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