„The odds are your startup will fail“

Our friend Tim Bonnemann reports live from the ringside at the opening session for SxSW Interactive, Austin, TX: Bankrupt Your Startup in Five Easy Steps:


  • Hand over the reins
  • Over-engineer everything
  • Seek growth before profitability
  • Establish culture of subservience
  • Disregard cashflow


  • Show nothing to anyone
  • Have an exit plan
  • NDA
  • Funding = exit plan
  • Theme weeks for the office


  • Forget your purpose
  • launch Under funded
  • miCro manage your team
  • be the King
  • believe the Dreamkillers


Update: Now in Wired too. Thx Tim.

Update2: 17 praktische Tipps von Jason Calacanis und 12 von Mark Cuban [Danke, Armin!]

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