„The new résumé is 140 characters“

CemB : „The new résumé is 140 characters“ what be yours, fellows? tweet me! tag it #resume140 i’ll post it.

Update: Incoming tweets & résumés…

floho @cemb at work: Strategy Consultant, analyzer, problem solver, communicator, for fun: killerconsultant.com, always: Life-lover #resume140
heliumkiffer : @CemB Schwabe, Oberministrant, Werber, Onlinemarketer, Berliner, Blogger, Golfer, stolzer Vater, Marketingleiter #resume140
sayho : @CemB Rechtsanwalt / Fachanwalt für IT-Recht / akkreditierter Datenschutz-Sachverständiger. Beratung von Web-/IT-Unternehmen #resume140
heiko : biodiesel.de altavista.de letsbuyit.com medical.siemens.com sixapart.com focus-schule.de burdastyle.com bunte.de glam.com #resume140
agenturblog : @CemB Kommunikationsdesigner. ID-Media, Founder augenmerk.de, Founder Medpreis.de. Creative-Director Lycos-Europe. agenturblog.de #resume140
LarsHinrichs : www.xing.com/profile/Lars_Hinrichs #resume140 – only 34 Characters.
diplix : @cemb schreiner, dipl.ing architektur, dipl.ix internet, selbstständiger webentwickler, angestellter webentwickler+projektleiter #resume140
furukama : sociology, ethnography, univ., media research, twitter, ag social media, perl, php, webmiles.de, metaroll.de, spex, multiblogger #resume140
CemB : entrepreneur, it service management for fortune500 for 30+ yrs, today: trusted consulting, business foundry for startups #resume140
bluelectric : DW UoP ORB BR RIAS SWF LMU DJS #resume140
luebue : theology church radio-dj journal news wire selling author blogger father media-monitoring pr2.0 edelman luebue haltungsturnen.de #resume140

4 Kommentare zu „„The new résumé is 140 characters“

  1. No, sorry, it isn’t. I’m only seeing meaningless lists of places where people have worked, but not what they’ve actually accomplished.

    A waste of bits and bytes.

  2. Nothing you could abbreviate to 140 characters. A person is much more than 140 characters. A person is different things to different people or even in different contexts. A person is a complex entity I’m not willing to reduce to 140 characters for the sake of fake „brevity“.

  3. Armin, the 140-charcter-thing is an attempt to reduce to the max. The essence of your career. Your tagline. Of course this will not be in detail. But without reducing to the core, there will be no credo, no headline, no motto.

    So the question is, what is the core essense and what are the core assets of your CV? What is your message to people who are interested in you professionally? What is your professional ultra short story? Your elevator pitch about yourself?? I believe, 140 characters are more than enuff for this…

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