eFree: My Email Policy

Linda Stone has published her email policy which she calls eFree:

1. Reply all is usually a bad idea. 

2. If you’re cc’d, there’s no need to reply.

3. A short, thoughtful email gets a quicker response. Long emails are read last.

4. If this issue cannot be resolved in 3 emails, consider scheduling a call or a meeting.

5. Thank you. Always lovely. Sometimes not necessary.

She uses this policy statement as a signature in her emails. It’s her way to communicate her preferences. Good point. Could be my email policy too. Particularly #3. Make it short fellas, willya? The same applies to my mobile voice mailbox: Don’t tell me the story of your life into the box. Don’t repeat yourself. Make it short.

2 Kommentare zu „eFree: My Email Policy

  1. So the signature is longer than the e-mail if the e-mail is brief as it should be? And everyone receiving an e-mail from her gets to read it, regardless if it applies or not? Doesn’t that defeat the objective?

    In regards to voicemail messages I think you forgot the key point: Tell me what you actually want. Not just „can you call me back?“. Because if the only thing you want is to ask me to send you something or some information I need to collate everyones time is wasted with these „can you call me back?“ messages.

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