Links zum Brunch

  • zieht einen Vergleich: Obama-Kampagne und deutscher Internetwahlkampf [via]
  • Wolfgang Lünenburger zieht dagegen schon bei edelman seine Inspiration aus dem Onlinewahlkampf Obamas
  • Michael Lind at is gettig historical: Obama and the dawn of the Fourth Republic – His victory really may mark the beginning of a new era in American history: „As I see it, to date there have been three American republics, each lasting 72 years (give or take a few years). The First Republic of the United States, assembled following the American Revolution, lasted from 1788 to 1860. The Second Republic, assembled following the Civil War and Reconstruction (that is, the Second American Revolution) lasted from 1860 to 1932. And the Third American Republic, assembled during the New Deal and the civil rights eras (the Third American Revolution), lasted from 1932 until 2004. Yes, you read that correctly — 2004, not 2008.“…and predicts the forth republic will last until 2076. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt and now Barack Obama. Yes, he can.
  • Citysense is an innovative mobile application for local nightlife discovery and social navigation, answering the question, „Where is everybody?“
  • Really really tough Mary Meeker’s View Of The World In 50 Slides – A good lecture on economy, markets and internet business and online advertisement future

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