Some Cool Ideas for Twitter & Co

Wouldn’t it be great to have…

  • a blind dating microblogging service for a romantic evening?
  • a bulk account subscribtion service for particular industries, professions, social networks, groups of people who share your interests and where you can follow all of them by one click only?
  • a simple notification to you from your online ticket shop each time another person is attending an event for which you already have booked tickets?
  • a comfortable secure private microblogging service?

I admit: There is a lot of abuse in it. But a lot of fun too.

Any other ideas you might put on your dream list?

9 Kommentare zu „Some Cool Ideas for Twitter & Co

  1. Hallo Herr Basman,

    Sie kennen mich ja, ich würde mir ja einen optionalen Auslieferungskanal meiner Informationen per SMS an Handies wünschen, wenn ich den nicht schon längst hätte ;o) Einen schönen Sonntag !

  2. Fictional content on twitter. Micro episodes written from the POV of different characters. Followers can communicate with the characters and maybe even influence the storyline.

  3. @Matthias Vogel, we’re talking about „microblogging“, not „SMS“. But it shouldn’t be too complicated to enhance your service in that direction. Let me help you :-)

    @°flo, exciting idea.

  4. I’d like to have the option to sort my followers and friends alphabetically or in thematic groups. Right now they are ordered chronologically and that doesn’t really make sense.

  5. „a comfortable secure private microblogging service?“ -> eigener server, mit ssl?! oder was fehlt da noch?

    Selber noch nicht getestet, aber das Konzept klingt ja schon ziemlich spannend.

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