Some Insights on The Wisdom of Communities

Derek Powazek shares some basic insights about The Wisdom of Community:

The Wisdom of Crowds (WOC) theory does not mean that people are smart in groups—they’re not. Anyone who’s seen an angry mob knows it. But crowds, presented with the right challenge and the right interface, can be wise. When it works, the crowd is wiser, in fact, than any single participant.

He continues to state on simplicity, interface, aggregation, participation, selfishness, scores, leaderboards, explicit vs. implicit feedback, voting. Nice. Sounds very simple – but it is not. As we can experience in the most websites of the new era.

2 Kommentare zu „Some Insights on The Wisdom of Communities

  1. Beim Thema „Wisdom of Crowds“ ist ein Interviewausschnitt (2 min) mit Prof. Dr. Peter Kruse sehr interessant:

    Frage: „Was halten Sie von den existierenden Bewertungsmechnismen im Internet?“

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