Google+: Crowding out the social networks.

Facebook is the better StayFriends. Good for long lost old school friends and distant family members. That’s fine with me. And what about Twitter? Well, you can utilize it for birthday wishes and breaking news to your followers. Or any message you don’t really expect any useful feedback or intense discussions. Twitter is a gunslinger for spreading hot news or some laconic phrases very fast. But meanwhile the cool kids mingle now at Google+ since it entered the arena. Soon the early majority will follow the innovators and early adopters, I believe.

Larry Page, CEO of Google, confirmed 10 million Google+ users within two weeks after the launch. The times they are a-changin. There are round about maybe 1 billion social network users world wide which is one sixth of the world population. Google+ starts in a moment where the social networking market seems to be well developed and mature. The attack of the behemoth is a massive crowding out of the existing networks and gaining new members for its platforms like Android and its huge customer base for advertising. Google embraces social networks, extends them with smart features and an elegant user experience and tends to extict some of its rivals. It’s all about big money and very intelligent target marketing. The typical bold tactical maneuvers of a market giant.

Let’s see how this story will develop next week. Will your beloved move from Facebook to Google+ (Yes please! Done.)? Will silly games, phoney companies, fake accounts infiltrate and populate your circles (Probably.) ? And: what about invites to parties via Google+ (Sure…)?

That’s the big picture for this week so far. Stay calm. Stay tuned.

2 Kommentare zu „Google+: Crowding out the social networks.

  1. Clean analysis. Absolutely agree with your thoughts.

    Although I’m not with Larry in saying „You just saw only the first percent“ – I certainly see huge potential in this move – better in theses moves (Google local!). And Android is the most spinning wheel in this movement, its not an OS, its not a mobile. Android is THE plug into a universal infrastructure.

    A kind of bigger spirit is back at the big G.

  2. Google “just” created a legitimate challenge to Facebook’s dominance. Now there is some kind of competition. The VZ-network was never a real threat to facebook. I guess, the success of g+ will produce some learnings for the programmers and the “brains” behind facebook. facebook will improve, g+ will improve and so on. The winner is quiet clear: the customer/user.

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