RIP – Amy Winehouse joined 27 Club

Amy Winehouse, 27, found dead at her London flat today. So sad. Such a talented and extraordinary voice. Tragic. She joined now the famous 27 Club with Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morison and Curt Cobain. Rest in Peace, big girl.

More on her in this blog: (2007) Love Is A Losing Game and (2007) On Constant Rotation: Amy Winehouse.

Life is not digital. Life is a burning bush.

Trailer with a mix of Amy:

2 Kommentare zu „RIP – Amy Winehouse joined 27 Club

  1. Morrison, Kurt.

    And you forgot Dave Alexander, Ron McKernan, Richey Edwards, Robert Johnson, Pete Ham, Alan Wilson, Chris Bell, Jean-Michel Basquiat, D. Boon, Kristen Pfaff and most probably many others. On the other side – I guess it’s statistically easy to be famous and dead at 27.

  2. Patrick, there are rumors that Amy did it on purpose to become a member of the Forever 27 Club. I dunno. But she was a helluva good singer. I wished she had more time.

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