Rebekka Karijord: The Noble Art of Letting Go.

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Lyrics to Rebekka Karijord’s song: 

The Noble Art of Letting Go
Rebekka Karijord

Rest your tired head now
my friend I will stand by
You don´t have to say no more
I know what you came here for
Eyes sore and shoes untied
walking the streets all night

No new cities lovers friends
can make you feel complete
The sense of loneliness remains
no matter who you meet
When all you pictured failed
and all your dreams are crossed
remember that your strenght is also built
on what you lost

The noble art of letting…

Your blindspot is rejection
and you´ll be on your own
when you´re petrified
of all that´s warm and real
invisible scars take forever to heal
The daylight will soften your mood
come now accept what´s good

No new cities lovers friends…

The noble art of letting go