It is not the computing part: it is the people who are part of the game.

„Everybody wonders why I continue working at this stage. I keep working because there’s always new stories. … And as long as people want me to tell them, I’ll be there doing them.“ Clint Eastwood, reflecting on his later career.

Couldn’t agree more. I started in the punch card era of batch computing (silent movies), moved to mission-critical large IT and services at large enterprizes (technicolor) and now I’m doing web/mobile projects (3D-dolby-surround-super-duper-reindeer-pooper-movies) since their existence. Love to be bleading edge, to discover and conquer the white areas on the map. That’s what thrills me. As long as people want me to do these pojects and their projects interest me or they are interested in my projects, I’ll be there doing them as Clint said. Or as ex-chancellor Helmut Schmidt as my ex-wife said he does… I love and hate what I do. I can’t do anything else and can’t do otherwise. I’m just a one trick pony. Like the ride of a rollercoaster. A lot of ups and downs. It’s just surviving the thrill. Everytime. Mallory, the climber,  is famously quoted as having replied to the question „Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?“ with the retort „Because it’s there“. Dead simple.

And by the way, it is not the computing and technology part: it is the people that are part of the game. Never forget. That’s the game. Although you have to know the technology part good as well and have an excellent project team.

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