orangeOh, my God. I know them! Permanently insisting and annoying. Grammer correcting and politically super-correct. Always asking for double-proof all of your statements. Causing only work since they are too lazy to think for themselves – and most of this lamento and palavras are only rhetorical. Pseudo-intellectual. A waste of time if you deal with this. And a complete lack of empathy:

 The Besserwisser.

The social media platforms are over-crowded by them. The larger the platform the more inescapable are they.

Facebook is a minefield of besserwissers if you post original opinions. If you are only sharing links of others then you are on the safe side. But this is no fun to chew other’s work..

Somehow the Besserwisser is a national (German) characteristic maybe. And maybe I’m not complete free from this either. But at least I try.

I should delete my postings on Facebook which feed all of these trolls anyway, or cancel the account maybe, but I’ll keep my instagram, Twitter, and my personal blog. It will be no loss since you are not able to search and find older posts in Facebook, which feeds only Facebook’s content and wealth itself.

We will see in the commencing days.

Photo: Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation of A Clockwork Orange in 1971. Photograph: Alamy

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