13,000,000 people will lose healthcare as a result of the #taxscam that just passed Congress. Many disabled will lose their mobility, their jobs, their places to live because of cuts to #Medicare and #Medicaid. Many will die prematurely. Rachel, pictured here holding a photo of herself in the hospital, suffers from several auto immune diseases. In the 15 years since she was first diagnosed as a teenager, she’s racked up $5M in medical expenses. She lives only because of #obamacare. Making it unaffordable threatens her life. Collapsing or destabilizing the #ACA by removing the mandate, as the current bill does, may well kill her. And she will be otherwise uninsurable due to preexisting conditions. . Until the bills are reconciled and signed by the president you have a chance to stop this travesty. Photo outside of Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick’s office, 514 Cannon House Office Building, 27 Independence Ave SE, Washington, DC 20515 (PA 8), one of his constituents he refused to see after voting for the #taxbill More photos from a day of civil disobedience at our nation’s capital soon. #trumptaxscam #goptaxscam #killthebill #notonepenny

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