Anthony Bourdain, RIP.

Seine Fimberichte habe ich mir besonders gerne angeschaut..

und Reaktionen.. in der NYTimes.

Rest in Peace: RSS

Steve Gillmor, editor at TechCrunch IT and Head of the Gillmor Gang, sayz:

It’s time to get completely off RSS and switch to Twitter. RSS just doesn’t cut it anymore. The River of News has become the East River of news, which means it’s not worth swimming in if you get my drift.

He continues further on:

Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed – whatever they grew from, they morphed into a realtime CMS for the emerging media. Twitter, not RSS, became the early warning system for new content. Facebook, not RSS, became the social Rolodex for events, casual introductions to RSS’ lifeblood, the people behind the feeds. FriendFeed, not RSS, captured the commentsphere. RSS got locked out of its own party.

Dave Winer, inventor of RSS, comments on this:

Nicely written piece, and you can tell that you love RSS, which of course I do too. :-)

Sad to say, but I believe Mr.Gillmor is right. Almost.

Paul Newman


Im Nachruf der New York Times:

“We are such spendthrifts with our lives,” Mr. Newman once told a reporter. “The trick of living is to slip on and off the planet with the least fuss you can muster. I’m not running for sainthood. I just happen to think that in life we need to be a little like the farmer, who puts back into the soil what he takes out.”

See you on the other side, Fast Eddie.

George Carlin gestorben.

Es kann keinen grösseren George-Carlin-Fan geben als mich. Er war der Meister des politisch unkorrekten Witzes. Mindestens so gut wie der legendäre grosse Lenny Bruce. Beide waren und sind Idole für mich. Nehmt euch einfach die 10 Minuten Zeit, das Video mit seinem Auftritt Religion is bullshit anzuschauen. Dann wisst ihr, was ich meine. Grosse Klasse.

Die Fünf Filmfreunde haben einen wunderbaren Nachruf geschrieben. Dem ist nichts hinzuzufügen. Ich hoffe, du ärgerst den „unsichtbaren Mann da oben“. Ich bin sicher, er wird sich kaputt lachen, George. Farewell.

Update: Nachruf von Jerry Seinfeld in der NY Times [Danke, Brainblogger!]

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